We can help you manage many types of enterprise risk, by performing Information Security assessments and developing mitigation plans as well as Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments, HIPAA assessments, federal red flag rules reviews, and many others.

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Program Management

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will bring the world-class design, development, support and management resources you need for successful completion.

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Our staffing services, administrative staff, business analysts, engineers and project managers have delivered solutions for Fortune 500 companies and medium sized businesses, in areas of real-time embedded, mobile, integration and financial applications in many industries.

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Business Success

At Aabren Group, we bring top-performing analysts with business and process expertise to your program, project or compliance effort.  If you need an affordable HIPAA assessment or PCI-DSS assessment, contact us.  If you need program management, we can get a derailed program back on track immediately and delivering on your business objectives.  Results are our focus.  We help clearly define the project - what it is and what it is not, map out the resources needed to meet a timeline, provide a timeline to completion using the resources you already have, or a plan to augment your resources if needed to meet your business priority.

What sets us apart is the doing.  Profitability depends on going from plan to done as efficiently as possible.  Aabren Group delivers efficiency.  We know how to order and focus the effort to accelerate deliverables, allowing you to achieve a better return sooner.

Call or email us today with your compliance or business challenge or lagging project, and we'll give you a path to success! (3)